This book is, quite simply, incredible. A carefully-considered inquiry into Iceland’s response to the 2008 Financial Crisis evolves into larger narrative about Icelandic society’s approach to the modern questions of feminism, gender equality, and gender identity.
— K. Paddie, Head of Growth, Polarr

Text and Photographs by G.S. Motola

Foreword by Dr Inga Dóra Sigfúsdóttir
Co-author of the Icelandic Model for Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention
CEO of The Icelandic Centre for Social Research and Analysis
Professor of Sociology, Reykjavík University and Columbia University


Why did Iceland react the way it did to its financial crisis, going so far as to call for the feminisation of the banking culture? Why did it prosecute those who did not live up to their social responsibilities and acted in self-serving ways to the detriment of society? Why did no other country react in this way? 

Over the course of three years, photographer and writer G. S. Motola made more than a dozen trips to Iceland, photographing and speaking with people across the spectrum of Icelandic society, from music and science and health to education, law and business. The discussions were candid and unscripted, but connected to the idea of equality and the resulting benefits to both individual and society. The resulting book is an amalgamation of the conversations, presented as essays, stories and reflections across 256 pages of 165 stunning photographs. 

An Equal Difference takes a closer look at life and modern thought in contemporary Iceland. It does so from the perspective that who you are is more important than what you are.  It takes inspiration from a country that has ranked first for gender equality for the past seven consecutive years (World Economic Forum Gender Global Gap Report). It offers something beyond academic analysis. It beckons us to gain insight into ourselves and thus into the fabric of society and the larger world of which we are part. 

Human creativity inspires all innovation and development. No society can afford to ignore the creative potential of any individual based on predefined social or personal roles.
— Dr Guðbjörg Ásta Ólafsdóttir

Published by Restless Machinery August 2016  ∆   London, England  ∆  ISBN 978-0-9954856-0-0  ∆  © G. S. Motola all rights reserved